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Harris Real Estate (Services) Ltd is a Full Service Property Management Company specialising in residential property management, including Rentals, Lettings, Sales and Acquisitions. We're a letting and estate agent in Pudsey, Leeds, and we've got years of experience helping customers in the local Yorkshire area with finding, purchasing, renting, and selling their dream properties.

In fact, with over 30 years of experience in the residential property market, we have the experience to offer Property Owners, Landlords, Investors and Tenants a service they need and expect. Our friendly professional attitude and our transparency with all dealings will enable our clients to obtain the optimum results possible, in any situation.

Our clients include all varieties of professional landlords and individual residential property owners. We have assisted clients who simply did not have the time to adequately manage their property and have seen the problems this can lead to. Some clients did not understand the legal requirements and compliance restrictions that faced them as landlords and property owners. Other clients simply needed assistance in making sure their property was properly maintained and managed. These types of cases and the difficulties that we find ourselves helping our clients out of, taught us that there is a great demand for a high quality, legally oriented property management service that would protect the financial and legal interests of their clients.


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Harris Real Estate (Services) Ltd will gladly assess the rental or sale value of your property. We will accompany all viewings, offer advice on décor and room layouts, screen for qualified tenants and assist in providing you with quality maintenance and repair services all for no additional cost or mark ups. In addition to these services, we offer Rent Guarantee Insurance, Buildings and Contents Insurance and Landlord Emergency Assistance Cover.

Harris Real Estate (Services) Ltd takes an approach to property management that is simple, we want to help you get the best possible return on your investment with the least amount of worry about what is happening with your property. If you are looking for a professional management company that won't lose track of you, who knows the answers to your questions when you call, and pays attention to the details, Harris Real Estate (Services) Ltd is the right company for you. We look forward to creating a caring and unique approach to working with you and your rental properties. Should you have any further questions or enquiries, we welcome your call and will be glad to help.

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Why Choose Harris Real Estate? Leeds Estate Agents

When you’re buying or selling a property, you need an estate agent that you can trust. You don’t want to commit to moving into a new building only to find that you can’t rely on your estate agent. That’s only going to cost you more time and money, leading to frustration and stress while you have to deal with getting things sorted.

Here at Harris Real Estate, we understand this. That’s why we make it our aim to support our tenants and landlords as much as possible. Our commitment is to providing high-quality but cost-effective estate agents services in and around the Leeds and Pudsey area while supporting you through the stress and hassle of moving.

We’ve got over 30 years of experience as a Leeds estate agent and we’ve worked with a range of different clients in Leeds, Pudsey and the surrounding areas. We've worked with everyone from professional landlords to individual property owners and new tenants. Being a landlord can be time-consuming - that’s why we’re here to help save you time and money over time.

We even offer an entirely free valuation! When you choose Harris Real Estate, we’ll gladly assess the sale or rental value of your property and offer you our advice and services!



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